Lavender fields and NA-KD outfit

Lavender fields are definitely hot instagram spots and every year in July bloggers, influencers and photographers are heading there to make beautiful shots.

</div id=”avanzado”> I always dreamed about photoshooting in aromatic lavender fields.. When I found out that near by Madrid there are lavender camps I knew that I need to visit them.

I teamed up with Zamantha, she is a photographer based in Madrid and we worked together on several projects.

When we arrived to Brihuega (little town 90km away from Madrid) we were surprised how many people were in the camps. During whole month this tiny town holds Lavender Festival, which attracts thousands of tourists from all over Spain.

For the photos I choose a dress from NA-KD as well as rattan bag.

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It’s always a pleasure to work with very talented and absolutely charming photographer that Zamantha is.

I link her instagram account below, please check out her awesome work.